ACE Homeschool

ACE Homeschool

ACE Homeschool is a Christian-based educational institution acceleration, where when you choose ACE Homeschool you will not only get an organization that sells in your curriculum, but also a professional Christian environment that has been committed to supporting the education you need.

ACE Homeschool

Where is uniquely structured curriculum allows students to progress from one unit to another unit because of mastery that are signified under parental supervision in the provision of optimal tutorial in children’s learning.

And other benefits that you get from ACE Homeschool your child is in addition to show progress according to their ability to master the material, your child will not lose the ability to do social relationships. Because the ACE Homeschool your child will also get qualified in social life from the church youth group.

Another difference that you find on the ACE Homeschool is that for over 40 years, ACE Homeschool has been a pioneer other schools in providing Biblical educational reform. ACE Homeschool on you will find that the curriculum provided is based on the Word of God, which is applied to education aims to educate students to always look at life from God’s perspective, to take responsibility in their own lives and always live in God’s wisdom and character.

Curriculum provided by ACE Homeschool include:

- Parental Involvement

- Individualized Approah

- Multimedia and Computer Technology

- Training and Convention Workshops

- Biblically Based Program Infused with Godly Character

- Student Opportunities for Character Development and Ministry

And if you want to organize your environment-based education on the ACE Homeschool curriculum, you can start with a seven-step Biblically based education :

1. Acquire Information

2. Schedule a Presentation

3. Finalize Your Commitment

4. Attend Administrators’ Training

5. Prepare Your Facilities

6. Finalize School Opening

7. Open Your School


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